4 Effective Ways to Combine PPC Strategy & Content Marketing

Till now, you’ve listened to much advice for improving your PPC campaigns. Incorporate negative keywords. Enhance click-through rates and quality scores. There’s no doubt that these are effective tactics that produce the desired results.

As per the advice of several marketing specialists, you should integrate either a PPC strategy or do content marketing to boost conversions but seldom both.

But like bread and butter, Cabernet Sauvignon and steak, content marketing and PPC work great together! While PPC results in immediate ROI, content marketing takes some time to bear fruitful results. How contrasting these two SEO techniques maybe, when you blend them, it becomes the secret weapon that gives you an edge over the competition. 

What you get after combining content marketing and PPC is a hybrid marketing campaign. And that creates a win-win situation!

In this blog, we’ll discuss how you can combine both and derive maximum benefits. In addition, we’ll also share some practical strategies to supercharge your PPC ad campaigns and get the best out of your content ROI.

How to Maximize the Benefits of Content Marketing & PPC Simultaneously

1. Create PPC Ads to Acquire Traffic Fast
When you don’t know who’s your target audience, is it possible to drive attention to your website? Having an established audience is integral to finding success with organic search strategies. As per the reports of WebsiteSetup, over 4 million blogs are posted everyday and this increases the difficulty to make your blog posts stand out without the right strategy.

To obtain considerable brand exposure and revenue in the initial stages of development, PPC ads must be leveraged to steer traffic to your website.

The best part is that traffic obtained from pay-per-click ads constitute the majority of your target audience whom you’re already searching to advertise your brand. What else? You can gain proper insights from your audience and advertise your brand at the same time by using Facebook Audience Insights and Google Ads.

The most distinguishing element for your brand would be to create unique and informative content. Always remember, there’s nothing that can beat the power of high-quality content and a sales driven PPC strategy, only if you’re optimizing them correctly. For that, you can get in touch with a reputable digital marketing agency in Australia, like Digi Marketers. They’re notable for creating the most performant content marketing and PPC campaigns leveraging the latest tools, their expert skills and several years of experience.

The target is to focus on both campaigns at the same time and target the same keywords. While you inform your target audience by creating relevant content, use paid ads to boost conversion rates within a short timeframe. 

2. Your Audience Will Love an Incredible Landing Page Experience
Honestly, creating a landing page that fulfills the client’s expectations is overwhelming at times. But not when expert content marketers are at your rescue! Born with the innate ability of fine storytelling and creativity powers, you can avail their services should you want to craft a unique, amazing landing page experience that generates inbound leads through your marketing funnel.Before conversion, visitors clicking on ads will be checking your website to get more information about your services or products. When you map your customer’s journey, you can apply the following forms of content to boost conversion:

  • Awareness: Gaining the trust of your audience begins with creating brand awareness. This is the stage where your prospects aren’t particularly ready to buy anything yet.Instead, they’re now surveying their options diligently and collecting information as much as possible. Rather than selling your solution, your goal is to educate your prospects about your brand.

The best types of content that will work at this stage are:

    1. Videos
    2. How-to blogs
    3. Whitepapers
    4. Ebooks
  • Consideration: This is the point when brand awareness has been already created and customers are evaluating the available options. Now, the goal is educational as well as targeted; you want your potential customers to develop an interest in your brand. The type of content you should utilize here are:
    1. Data sheets
    2. Case studies
    3. Buyer’s guides
  • Decision: It’s conversion time! At this point, the customer is ready to make the decision. The aim is to close the sale and convert the prospect into a customer. The most relevant forms of content that work well here are:
    1. Pricing
    2. Testimonials
    3. Reviews 

3. Use PPC to Promote Content

Do you have on-going content marketing campaign? Yes? Then it’s likely you’re posting content on your social channels.

Now, find out which piece of content has worked best on your social channels and then use paid ads to promote the top-performing piece of content.

It is an effective strategy, we say. Wanna know why? Because you’re using the content that yielded maximum results and you already know it will help you reach out to more people by using PPC ads.

You can decide to run a campaign that incorporates the targeted information. Analyze your Facebook page by using the Audience Insights tool and then utilize the provided data to target your ads accordingly.

4. Use PPC Keyword Data to Gather Content Insights

Can you name one characteristic that your PPC and SEO campaigns have in common?It’s keywords.

Utilizing your PPC keyword data will help you to know which keywords are inviting the highest revenue and traffic.

Besides, determine which ad copy is performing well and incorporate it in your organic content marketing campaign. To advertise your services/products to your customers, you can create content using commercial intent keywords.

In case you didn’t know, compared to standard keywords, branded keywords are more successful and have a higher CTR. Consider conducting A/B testing; it will help you know which keywords perform the best for both campaigns. 

4 Practical Strategies to Supercharge Your PPC Ad & Content Campaigns

  1. Experience an increase in conversion when you craft a snappy, unforgettable CTA
  2. Create relevant, compelling and irresistibly clickable headlines for your ad copy
  3. Make sure your ads are clickable on all platforms from both phones and tablets (Almost 60% of searches are from mobile phones. Source: Hitwise)
  4. Focus more on creating visual content like infographics and images to boost mobile conversion rate

Way Forward: Phew! At last, you now know how to make the most of PPC strategy and content marketing together to drive more conversion. The key to successful PPC campaigns is great content and when the content is relevant, you can earn a higher ROI in a lesser time by leveraging PPC ads. Should you be looking for a top-ranking digital marketing agency in Australia, don’t delay in contacting Digi Marketers. We’re a team of experienced, highly skilled and qualified digital marketing specialists offering a wide range of online marketing services. For more information, reach us on https://digimarketers.com.au/


How to Highlight Product Features to Persuade Your Customers

If online shopping has done something good, it has introduced convenience in our lives. Remember how you ordered everything on Amazon when the pandemic was at its peak? Be it groceries, hand sanitisers or foldable tables, the internet was your go-to solution for everything you needed at your doorstep!

But tell us one thing, would you buy a shirt without knowing the material or size? Or a mobile phone without knowing the storage?

We can hear you saying a NO!

When it comes to purchasing a product, features along with the price and design, are one of the crucial factors that people consider while comparing various products simultaneously.

Despite knowing that, we’ve seen many brands failing to have a crisp and clear product description listed on their websites. This, in turn, pulls down the revenue. 

The features of your products are the most redeeming aspects that can drive sales. Hence, they have to be compelling, clear and appealing. Wondering how to ensure your product features become massive selling points? We’ll tell you the solution and before that, let’s understand what a product feature entails.

What do you mean by product feature?
Every product is differentiated based on its features. It can be the appearance (design feature), what extras come with it (value-added feature) or how to use it (functional feature).

Let’s take the example of this reusable shopping bag from Flip & Tumble.



The most unique feature of this bag is that it can be transformed into a ball within seconds! Moreover, it is eco-friendly, light in weight and machine washable. All these features are highlighted in its description.

But if you’re promoting a software product, a SaaS tool for example, features usually revolve around the functionality of the product, that is, how it can be useful for you. The features of Work Plus, a popular work productivity software, highlights several such features:


However, the features need not be unique to the product. As the technology, design and manufacturing procedures are continuously evolving, some features become customary.

When buying a tab, you won’t choose one that doesn’t have a touchscreen, right? But that doesn’t imply it isn’t an important feature of the product.

Whether your product has five features or one, highlighting them all across your website, in your landing page, product description and also your homepage is absolutely essential.

The Must-Know Tactics to Highlight Product Features

So far, we’ve told you what are product features and why including them on your site is crucial. Now, let’s go over the most compelling tactics to derive economical benefits from your product features.

1. Engage with Your Target Audience
In order to write your product features appropriately, you need to do your homework first, that is, understanding your target audience. A professional search engine optimization expert can help you evaluate your target audience by leveraging a wide array of tools (Google Analytics, Keyword Research, Facebook Business Page Insights, etc.) and find out who is your target audience and then pen down your product features effectively.Should you have buyer personas, remember to refer to them when writing. This way, you can prioritize the features that are most valuable to your customers. Begin by looking at the customer reviews for your product as well as of your competitors.However, NEVER try to target everyone, especially if you’re offering a SaaS product as it can have an array of usage reasons. There should be a dedicated landing page for each target customer where you speak only about the relevant product features. And if you’re planning to address everyone on one landing page, don’t blame us if you don’t target any audience at all!

2. Don’t Miss Out on Including Social Proof
Okay. So, you’ve written a very attractive, catchy description spotlighting the product features. But isn’t every other brand doing the same thing?Even though your product features are first-class, customers maybe hesitant to believe you. This is justified from the report published by Edelman that claims only one-third of consumers (34%) trust the brands they use. 

This is where social proof and its convincing capabilities come to the rescue! Promote the testimonials or quotes from customers or third parties that acknowledge your product features on appropriate pages.

Want a better idea than this? Post videos and images of your customers using your product!

Including images and videos of real people using your product instantly gives rise to brand credibility and consumers are more likely to trust your brand.

For the best results, get in touch with a trusted digital marketing company, like Digi Marketers, where the social marketing experts can formulate the ideal marketing strategy that guarantees more sales and conversions. 

3. Emphasize on the Vital Details & Grab Attention

Your product may have ten features. Are all of them important? Of course, no! There are some features that you want your customers to pay heed to compared to the others. For this reason, we recommend you categorize the features and figure out ways to grab the attention of your customers towards the most valuable features of your product.For this, divide your page into different sections and dedicate each section to a particular feature. Make sure to craft a unique, bold headline that will surely grip your customer’s attention, add a sharp, catchy copy and an engaging imagery.Also, avoid having a navigation menu on your landing page. If there’s no option to move away from the page, your customers will be pressured to concentrate on your sales copy and immerse in your product’s features. However, if you have an e-commerce website, it’s advisable not to get rid of the navigation bar if you don’t want to let down your customers who are visiting your website.

4. Provide Short & Sweet InformationLet’s get one thing straight. You are busy and so are your customers. No one has time to go through chunks of lengthy paragraphs to know what your product is all about. Your customers aren’t likely to read word by word on your site; instead, they’ll be scanning for key pieces of information, that give value to their requirements.Thus, it’s your responsibility to ensure your product features are readable, easy and quick to understand as much as possible.

Mentioning the features in bullet points works wonders! It makes the features quicker to read and appealing too. You wouldn’t read gigantic sections of text, do you?

When you have a lot of information, break it down into simple bullet points on your page and that’s it!


Final Words: Exhibiting product features requires extensive skills and it needs to be done tactfully. It’s no less than an art actually! Moreover, highlighting the product features is considerably underrated when it comes to optimizing the website. You can’t focus on the benefits of your product only; your product will offer the promised benefits only when your customers know the features, isn’t it? Take your time to decide which are the crucial features of your product or for faster results, get in touch with a reliable and certified digital marketing company, Digi Marketers. We’re a team of highly qualified and experienced search engine optimization experts who are conversant with the latest digital marketing skills to increase your profit margin. For more information about our services, reach us on https://digimarketers.com.au/ 

The Impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer Psychology

Whether you are an e-commerce brand or a brick-and-mortar grocery store, you won’t hear any business owner not knowing about digital marketing. The concept of digital marketing is considered to be a game changer in the marketing world. With digital marketing everything has become sales and numbers, there is no waiting for the results to happen because the results are instant and right in front of you.

Yes, digital marketing can change the way you as a consumer think and behave completely. Consumers are now so dependent on the digital world to tell them what they need without even having to look for it and that is the beauty of it all.

Digitalisation is transforming every industry in leaps and bounds. With contemporary trading practices reshaping the customer journey and marketing game, digital marketing has the power to fabricate an everlasting impression on the consumer’s mind.

How does digital marketing affect consumer’s behaviour?

Consumer behaviour is defined by observing many purchasing patterns and decision making parameters that create a sense of urgency in the consumer’s mind. We use digital marketing tools like Google PPC, email marketing, setting up automation, SEO, social media marketing and illustrative graphic designs to create curiosity in the consumer. These tools and services are aimed at enhancing brand quality and awareness, stimulating a desire in the target market.

Let’s see how digital marketing and consumer behaviour are connected:

  • Puts you on the map: When customers search for a certain service you cater to, digital marketing makes your business available to them by highlighting your location on the map and the necessary details required to contact you. Not just that, digital marketing influences consumers on why, how and when they need your product and service.
  • Reconstruct the customer journey: Digital marketing can assist you in redesigning the customer journey. Analysing every step of the customer journey and simplifying the process develops ease in transactions. The consumer journey is the most important factor and digital marketing does it perfectly without any glitches.
  • A word of mouth that spreads digitally: Literally, everyone reads reviews before they buy a product. Companies that function on rendering services to the consumers, namely, car rentals and car service garages, have a direct impact on the ratings and reviews they receive from the customers.
  • Robust technology: Digital marketing operates on factual data and combines advanced technology like artificial intelligence to increase efficiency and accuracy. This enhances the consumer’s trust and reliability in your services.
  • Triggering impulsive purchasing tendency of the consumer: Digital marketing escalates the impulse to buy a product or service. Using creative content advertisements, digital marketing triggers the urge that generates a desire to possess and intensifies the purchasing behaviour.
  • The shopping experience for everyone: With digital marketing, everything is so personalised, from the selection of the product to its design and size. Consumer preferences have become a priority and brands are trying to match up to these expectations of personalised products for every consumer.
  • Higher Expectations: In this fast-pacing world, the technology is becoming advanced rapidly. Day by day,there are millions of apps introduced to this world and this has skyrocketed consumer expectations. The consumer wants more products and doesn’t want to spend time finding those products. Digital marketing has made consumers less patient as they are just one search away from finding the right product.
  • Consumer loyalty has become a foreign concept: Yes, consumer loyalty is taking a dive with the rise of digital marketing and it can be both a good and bad thing. Earlier consumers were only exposed to a limited number of brands and were loyal to them for their consumption. But now, as the concept goes, “you win if you are seen” and this fortunately and unfortunately is the reality of today and tomorrow.

Is digital marketing enough for impacting consumer behaviour?

Absolutely not!

Every brand is unique and so are the consumers. At Digi Marketers, we make sure to use digital marketing to strategise how we can help you influence consumer behaviour towards our product. Asking how do we do that? Well, that’s a simple question and let us answer it for you. In addition to digital marketing, we focus on building marketing strategies that can influence your consumers. Would you like to see how we do that? Let us show it to you.

1. Engagement is King: Yes, we live in a social world and sometimes just marketing your product and service on the digital platforms won’t be enough. You need to have an active presence on social media and use these platforms to engage with your customers and create a new prospect for your brand. Engagement not just allows your audience to view your products but answers questions on the intentions of your product and service which they otherwise would not know.

2. The first impression is the last: Nope. This is not just for you meeting a friend for the first time but this can be applied to your brand as well. How you look or rather how attractive you look defines you in the eyes of your consumer, so make sure to have a perfect web design catering to the user experience.

3. Customer service is your only door to success: As cliche as it may sound, people hate latecomers and this applies to your brand itself if you are not available to solve your consumer’s queries or questions, the consumer is more likely not to visit you or avail your service again.

4. Make New Consumers: Digital Marketing is not just about maintaining new consumers. It is also about getting a higher number of consumers and that will happen only if we focus on our potential customers. These prospects need to convert into your new consumers and you must bridge this gap by providing them with what they are looking for and answering their questions on why should they choose you.

Wrapping up:

Digital marketing blended with a few other marketing strategies can help you in influencing the consumers and in various ways, provide you with the results you are hoping for your business. In search of a reputable digital marketing agency in Australia? Reach out to Digi Marketers. We’re dedicated to providing a wide array of result-driven online marketing services that includes SEO, PPC, content marketing, email campaigning, website designing and more. To get further information, visit us on https://digimarketers.com.au/