How to Highlight Product Features to Persuade Your Customers

How to Highlight Product Features to Persuade Your Customers

If online shopping has done something good, it has introduced convenience in our lives. Remember how you ordered everything on Amazon when the pandemic was at its peak? Be it groceries, hand sanitisers or foldable tables, the internet was your go-to solution for everything you needed at your doorstep!

But tell us one thing, would you buy a shirt without knowing the material or size? Or a mobile phone without knowing the storage?

We can hear you saying a NO!

When it comes to purchasing a product, features along with the price and design, are one of the crucial factors that people consider while comparing various products simultaneously.

Despite knowing that, we’ve seen many brands failing to have a crisp and clear product description listed on their websites. This, in turn, pulls down the revenue. 

The features of your products are the most redeeming aspects that can drive sales. Hence, they have to be compelling, clear and appealing. Wondering how to ensure your product features become massive selling points? We’ll tell you the solution and before that, let’s understand what a product feature entails.

What do you mean by product feature?
Every product is differentiated based on its features. It can be the appearance (design feature), what extras come with it (value-added feature) or how to use it (functional feature).

Let’s take the example of this reusable shopping bag from Flip & Tumble.



The most unique feature of this bag is that it can be transformed into a ball within seconds! Moreover, it is eco-friendly, light in weight and machine washable. All these features are highlighted in its description.

But if you’re promoting a software product, a SaaS tool for example, features usually revolve around the functionality of the product, that is, how it can be useful for you. The features of Work Plus, a popular work productivity software, highlights several such features:


However, the features need not be unique to the product. As the technology, design and manufacturing procedures are continuously evolving, some features become customary.

When buying a tab, you won’t choose one that doesn’t have a touchscreen, right? But that doesn’t imply it isn’t an important feature of the product.

Whether your product has five features or one, highlighting them all across your website, in your landing page, product description and also your homepage is absolutely essential.

The Must-Know Tactics to Highlight Product Features

So far, we’ve told you what are product features and why including them on your site is crucial. Now, let’s go over the most compelling tactics to derive economical benefits from your product features.

1. Engage with Your Target Audience
In order to write your product features appropriately, you need to do your homework first, that is, understanding your target audience. A professional search engine optimization expert can help you evaluate your target audience by leveraging a wide array of tools (Google Analytics, Keyword Research, Facebook Business Page Insights, etc.) and find out who is your target audience and then pen down your product features effectively.Should you have buyer personas, remember to refer to them when writing. This way, you can prioritize the features that are most valuable to your customers. Begin by looking at the customer reviews for your product as well as of your competitors.However, NEVER try to target everyone, especially if you’re offering a SaaS product as it can have an array of usage reasons. There should be a dedicated landing page for each target customer where you speak only about the relevant product features. And if you’re planning to address everyone on one landing page, don’t blame us if you don’t target any audience at all!

2. Don’t Miss Out on Including Social Proof
Okay. So, you’ve written a very attractive, catchy description spotlighting the product features. But isn’t every other brand doing the same thing?Even though your product features are first-class, customers maybe hesitant to believe you. This is justified from the report published by Edelman that claims only one-third of consumers (34%) trust the brands they use. 

This is where social proof and its convincing capabilities come to the rescue! Promote the testimonials or quotes from customers or third parties that acknowledge your product features on appropriate pages.

Want a better idea than this? Post videos and images of your customers using your product!

Including images and videos of real people using your product instantly gives rise to brand credibility and consumers are more likely to trust your brand.

For the best results, get in touch with a trusted digital marketing company, like Digi Marketers, where the social marketing experts can formulate the ideal marketing strategy that guarantees more sales and conversions. 

3. Emphasize on the Vital Details & Grab Attention

Your product may have ten features. Are all of them important? Of course, no! There are some features that you want your customers to pay heed to compared to the others. For this reason, we recommend you categorize the features and figure out ways to grab the attention of your customers towards the most valuable features of your product.For this, divide your page into different sections and dedicate each section to a particular feature. Make sure to craft a unique, bold headline that will surely grip your customer’s attention, add a sharp, catchy copy and an engaging imagery.Also, avoid having a navigation menu on your landing page. If there’s no option to move away from the page, your customers will be pressured to concentrate on your sales copy and immerse in your product’s features. However, if you have an e-commerce website, it’s advisable not to get rid of the navigation bar if you don’t want to let down your customers who are visiting your website.

4. Provide Short & Sweet InformationLet’s get one thing straight. You are busy and so are your customers. No one has time to go through chunks of lengthy paragraphs to know what your product is all about. Your customers aren’t likely to read word by word on your site; instead, they’ll be scanning for key pieces of information, that give value to their requirements.Thus, it’s your responsibility to ensure your product features are readable, easy and quick to understand as much as possible.

Mentioning the features in bullet points works wonders! It makes the features quicker to read and appealing too. You wouldn’t read gigantic sections of text, do you?

When you have a lot of information, break it down into simple bullet points on your page and that’s it!


Final Words: Exhibiting product features requires extensive skills and it needs to be done tactfully. It’s no less than an art actually! Moreover, highlighting the product features is considerably underrated when it comes to optimizing the website. You can’t focus on the benefits of your product only; your product will offer the promised benefits only when your customers know the features, isn’t it? Take your time to decide which are the crucial features of your product or for faster results, get in touch with a reliable and certified digital marketing company, Digi Marketers. We’re a team of highly qualified and experienced search engine optimization experts who are conversant with the latest digital marketing skills to increase your profit margin. For more information about our services, reach us on https://digimarketers.com.au/ 

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