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We are from ICE AGE so Cold Email Marketing comes naturally to us. We specialise in creating fascinating email templates and our opening rate and click rate are highly appreciable, you know!!

Project Overview

What is Email Marketing?

A sequence of emails sent by the company to nurture existing and potential consumers and to generate new leads. This process is known as an email marketing campaign. 

There are 2 types of Email Marketing:

1. Transactional Emails: The emails are generated by the operating platform when user books a certain product or service. For example, details of their flight booking or booking confirmation of certain service. These are a set of planned material sent out via email as a response to the user activity.

2. Marketing Emails: The emails are generated by the operating platform when the company wants to share information of new discount offers, promotional offers or information regarding the launch of new arrivals. These emails are created with the intention of achieving a specific organisational goal. These are an excellent advertising tool for the high-value content you generate on your website, resulting in increased traffic.

We utilise email marketing campaigns to encourage upsell and cross-sell possibilities to your existing clients. You can also use campaigns to gather sales conversions from leads who are on the verge of making a purchase. 

Benefits of a well done email marketing-

  1. Creating personalized content.
  2. Collecting feedback and surveys.
  3. Increasing sales and leads.
  4. Communicating with your audience.
  5. Generating traffic to your site.
  6. Sending timely campaigns.

Email newsletters are most important to B2B marketers’ content marketing success, according to 40% of them, and 73 percent of millennial prefer to communicate with firms via email and it is by far the most popular method of receiving brand information. These facts are too important for us to ignore as marketers. That is why having a good email marketing strategy is important as well as a smart choice.

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