Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing Post COVID-19?

Regular life seems to have taken a backseat ever since COVID-19 has started to take the whole world into its clutches. Life changed drastically overnight. From going to the office everyday, till now, several thousands of people are working from home. When it comes to brands and businesses, the fear of the unknown still rules but with a difference.

Brands have started to realize the true potential of the digital world, provoking them to go into a paradigm shift – from offline to online marketing. As a consequence, availing professional and qualified digital marketing services is all the rage now, for the very right reasons.

Services catering to the digital world have created a world of opportunities and granted convenience to consumers. Should you be a business owner, sooner or later, you have to dive into the digital ocean to stay ahead of your competitors.

Why Going Digital is the Need of the Hour?

If you want your business to embrace prosperity and rule the internet, digitalisation is your sole weapon. A custom-tailored digital marketing strategy is the strongest armour that can shield you from competitors and increase your brand awareness at a very minimum cost. At Digi Marketers, our digital marketing experts can formulate marketing plans that can withstand any market fluctuations.

Internet is everyone’s BFF. We depend on Google for literally everything, we check on our health symptoms, read industry articles and if your customers can’t find you on Google, you simply don’t exist. Google My Business is an efficient and excellent tool to showcase your services to the right target audience. Google AdSense and Google ad words, when leveraged effectively, increase your brand awareness significantly.

Having said that, we’ll move to our next section of the blog where we’ll give some amazing tips and tricks to enhance your digitalization journey after the pandemic.

Proven Tips to Keep Your Business Afloat After the Pandemic

1. Keeping up with the new normal: Forget about what happened in the past. Times have changed and so has the perception of your potential consumers. For this reason, social media management is a great way to interact and strike a bond with your customers.Facebook and Instagram are easy pathways to reach the maximum audience, keep them engaged with your social media posts and inform them about the latest offers and new arrivals related to your products and services. Twitter marketing is gaining importance more than ever, which can significantly improve your brand awareness in no time!

2. Launch an e-commerce website: Your website defines your identity, what you’re offering to your customers and your brand power. You can’t help but strike a balance between professionalism and a super trendy appeal through your website. For instance, if you’re hiring our website designers to build a small business website or an e-commerce site, you’ll have 10+ years of expertise on board to develop a professional yet aesthetically appealing business website for you.Moreover, before beginning the designing process, we’ll speak to you to obtain crucial information that will help us to design the website impeccably by engaging high-quality tools, graphics and user interfaces.

3. Make sure your website has secured payment procedures: Do you already have a user-friendly, appealing website with optimized content? But does it lack secure payment options? Uh oh! You’re likely to lose out on customers.A report published by Worldpay in 2020 stated that 44.5 per cent of online shoppers prefer using digital/mobile wallet. Following this, the most sought-after online payment methods included credit cards (22.8%) and debit cards (12.3%).A secured and hassle-free payment procedure is a critical aspect of any e-com website. You can create secured gateways to link with the latest payment methods that target markets are already aware of. Creating an easy payment procedure enables customers to enjoy shopping on your e-com website.

4. Explore your target market & focus on customers you already have: You can conduct extensive research on the target market and formulate a digital marketing plan which enables you to recognize the pattern and depth of the target audience and exploit the techniques of your competitors.While trying to invite new customers, don’t forget the ones who were and are still with you. When creating ad campaigns or building a social media marketing strategy, we make sure they target the new customers without making your loyal and old customers feeling left out!

5. Search Engine Optimization: Okay. Let’s begin this with some surprising statistics. Google has received over 70% of global desktop search traffic in 2021, followed by Baidu at 13%, Bing at 12% and Yahoo at 2% (Source: NetMarketShare)According to BrightEdge, SEO produces 1000% more traffic compared to organic social media. Do you want to be among the top searches on Google? Then you need to ensure your search engine optimization is done correctly.That’s why we always say, let it be handled by the pros like us! We, at Digi Marketers, employ the latest search engine optimization tools, such as Ahrefs, Google Search Console and SEMRush, to skyrocket your sales and boost up your profits. Google Trends and Analytics are also reliable as they can present you with the right keywords that can fasten up the links to your target market.

6. Be bold digitally: 7 out of 10 companies ruin their digital journey as they don’t fabricate bold decisions. Develop customer segments that accommodate new customers while retaining the old ones. Don’t be afraid to experiment and introduce multifaceted business models that provide you with maximum performance as  clinging to the old methods can bore your customers and you lose a great deal of potential market. Speak with us today and we can help you to come up with a unique digital marketing strategy!

7. Timing is everything: Time heals everything and the perfect timing can make or break your business too! Create the required need in your target market and then launch your services. The launch of your product or service must correlate and correspond to the customer need. Avail our first-class digital marketing services where we work relentlessly to generate a masterclass marketing plan that explains how your services can satisfy the customer needs and how authentic your services are.

8. Restructure-Revise: Always keep your digital marketing lead generation plans flexible and adaptable to the latest technologies and customer needs. Keep restructuring and revising your customer journeys. This helps you to understand the pain points of the customer and provides a perfect solution to the problem.

9. Automated and customised responses: An effective approach while turning digital is to identify your customer pain points and respond to their requirements. Many websites provide a chatbot interface that serves as a guide to navigating the customer. This creates ease and improves the trustworthiness of your business website in the target market.3 out of 10 websites provide easy automated and customised responses that truly transcends the new customer to loyal customer. Want a real fact? Well, Social Media Today released the State of Marketing Automation Survey Report in 2019 where it showed 75% of all companies affirm using at least one type of marketing automation tool. Wow!

10. Data is everything: Say, if we never provided you with real-time data to validate the facts, would you have believed our words? No, right? That’s why, data is core to your digital marketing plan. The Internet can provide you with heaps of raw bits of information. As a leading social media marketing company, we precisely understand the power of data and manoeuvre it in your favour. This provides a better understanding of your target customers and their needs. Our experts will construct a marketing plan that propagates your products or services as the easiest solution to their problem.

And finally, there’s no doubt that the online world is dynamic and constantly evolving – technological advancements, trends and tactics are never at constant. Moreover, the digital world is purely driven by data-created value which means you need to keep yourself updated with new developments should you wish to stay ahead of the competitive curve. Your customers have changed their ways of shopping post COVID-19. Now it’s your turn to change your marketing strategies.

How much digitally equipped are you?

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